A historical parallel to ISIS from 11th century Iran

Last week in the aftermath of the burning of Jordanian pilot, Moaz al-Kasasbeh, I took the decision to watch the video created by ISIS, as well as the videos of the beheadings that proceeded it. I had been thinking about the reasons why a human would inflict such a brutal death upon another. In order to better … More A historical parallel to ISIS from 11th century Iran

Iran Signs Nuclear Deal (only with Russia)

It a little over a week before the November 24th, the date when negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 are set to conclude. Attention is focused firmly on Vienna as the world’s most powerful nations and Iran attempt to reach an agreement on the future of the Iranian nuclear program. Key issues include the amount and type of centrifuges … More Iran Signs Nuclear Deal (only with Russia)

The Inaugural “London Iranophiles” Meetup

In August I created a Meetup group out of sheer inquisitiveness really. I have been interested in Iran for several years now, having written my undergraduate dissertation on Iranian Foreign Policy. I realised that Iran was probably the thing that differentiated me from most people. It has become my hobby, much in the same way … More The Inaugural “London Iranophiles” Meetup