FT Friday 5th of September 2014

Apple’s rivals plan to revamp products ahead of iPhone 6 launch

Apple’s latest release in the hotly competitive smartphone market, the iPhone 6 is now just days away. The iPhone 6 will become Apple’s flagship phone and is expected be accompanied by a PR bus that could blow all of its rivals out of the water. Samsung, the market leader for android phones has just announced its newest update of its Galaxy Note model, but is under threat from Apple who are looking to reestablish dominance in the market. The previous Samsung update was deemed not innovative enough but this latest release from the Korean manufacturer has been initially well received. Competing companies such as LG (with its top end G3 model that I currently use), Sony, Microsoft and Chinese brand Huawei will be watching public response the iPhone 6 with great interest, as Apple attempts to return to its position of the undisputed king of the smartphone market, something that is has lost in recent years.


Turkey at growing risk from ISIS backlash

While Britain and the US talk openly of the need to deal with the potential threat of Islamic terrorists that have been fighting for ISIS, for one NATO member that threat is real and present. Turkey has a long and porous border with Syria, and is the primary route for foreign fighters seeking to enter the warzone. Turkey has so far been unwilling to tackle the problem of ISS with much strength, hamstrung as it is by the fact that ISIS are currently holding 49 Turkish officials having stormed the Turkish consulate in Mosul, Syria last year. Turkey has also become a recruiting ground for ISIS, with thousands of Turkish citizens thought to have crossed the border to join the aspiring state over the past few years. The Turkish reaction to ISIS will be extremely interesting over the coming months, as it will look to maintain the security of its own borders without causing outright provocation of the Islamic group to its south. If ISIS does demonstrate that it is here to stay, then Turkey, as well as Jordan and Lebanon will likely be the next states to be destabilised.


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