FT Tuesday 26th August 2014

  1. Alex Salmond pleads for Scots to take destiny in own hands


In what was the second and final debate between Alex Salmond and Alasdair Darling, the leader of the SNP delivered an impassioned and impressive performance. Salmond was thought by the vast majority of those polled to have come out on top. Key issues debated were the currency of an independent Scotland, the NHS, uncertainly over jobs and the Scottish economy. Winning the debate in the eyes of 71% of respondents may still not be enough for Salmond to achieve his party’s goal of breaking the 307 year union. The Yes campaign trail on average by 13% and it is looking increasingly likely that on September 18th Scotland will vote to remain as a part of the United Kingdom.  



  1. Francois Hollande purges government after leftwing revort


French President, Francois Hollande has instructed his Prime Minister, Manuel Valls to form a new government after the resignation of outspoken economy minister, Arnaud Montebourg, caused a crisis in the Gallic state. Hollande, of the Socialist Party, has faced a challenge from his left flank and has been accused of implementing a set of failed policies that follows the “extreme orthodoxy of the German right’. Hollande is deeply unpopular in France and his performances in opinion polls is currently at 17%. His stewardship of the French economy saw the country fail to grow at all in the first half of the year. The French President has angered the left of his party by outlining a €40billion tax cut to business in his latest budget and a €50billion cut in spending over the next three years. The French political crisis looks set to continue, with opposition parties calling for early elections and Mr Hollande facing serious revolt from within his own party.


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